Pending Licensees

This website does not confirm the status of a Water Well Contractor’s license. In order to confirm the status of a license, please contact the Water Management District. Click here for contact information.

RR = Rules and Regulations of water well construction practices
SB = Safety/Business Practice

A total of 12 hours is required for license renewal or new license issuance, with a minimum of 6 hours in rules/well construction practices (R/R) and a maximum of 6 hours in business practices/safety (S/B). CE credits are listed alphabetically by last name. To view more records, scroll to the bottom of the webpage and click on the additional pages. You may also use the "Find" feature to search by last name.

CE credits are posted after the conversion fee and coursework documentation is submitted to the FWWA for processing and approval. 

PLEASE NOTE: All individuals in this database are receiving CE credits in order to sit for their Water Well Contractors License Examination.  If the contractor received their first license within 180 days before the end of the biennium renewal of licenses, the continuing education requirements shall be waived for the licensee’s first renewal cycle. If you have questions about license issuance or renewal, please contact your Water Management District.

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