About the Florida Water Well Contractors Continuing Education Program

The Water Well Contractor Continuing Education Program (CE Program) implements the CE requirements of Chapter 373, Florida Statues, Regulation of Wells and Chapter 62-531, Florida Administrative Code, Water Well Contractor Licensing Requirements.  The CE Program is designed to encourage the learning of new well drilling technologies, methods and practices, improve the industry’s professionalism, business management practices, health and safety practices, and to enhance learning of the State of Florida water well contractor licensing, permitting and water well construction rules.

The CE Program website provides information on the availability of approved coursework for CECs, provides individuals and licensed contractors with an accounting of CECs earned, and provides other program resources and FAQ. 

“Any person applying for a water well contractor license or renewal of a water well contractor license must complete twelve (12) hours of approved coursework in order to be licensed to engage in the business of water well contracting as required by Chapter 373, Florida Statutes (F.S.), Part III, Regulation of Wells, and Chapter 62-531, Florida Administrative Code (F.A.C.), Water Well Contractor Licensing Requirements.”


The 2021-2023 renewal cycle, which allows you to drill for 2023-2025, ends on July 31, 2023. If you do not renew your license and complete your CE credits prior to this date, your license will become INACTIVE. To renew your license, please submit your CE Certificate of Attendance forms and payment to our office and your license renewal application and fees to your respective Water Management District.

As a reminder, a minimum of six (6) hours must be in the rules/well construction category (R/R) and no more than six (6) hours may be in the business/safety practices category (S/B).

A maximum of 6 CE credits may be obtained through online/on-demand coursework.