Frequently Asked Questions

Reminder: effective August 1, 2021, a maximum of 6 CE credits may be obtained through online/on-demand coursework.

What are the CE requirements for renewing my license?
A minimum of six (6) CE credits must be related to rules/ well construction practices and a maximum of six (6) CE credits can be related to business/safety practices. You could get all 12 CE credits in rules/well construction practices category.
I only need 4 more credits for the current renewal cycle. If I earn 12 credits at a workshop in June, can I use 4 credits towards the current renewal cycle and apply the remaining 8 credits towards the next cycle?
No, you cannot "hold" those credits and apply them towards the next cycle. Earned coursework credits are valid for 24 months from course date, or until a license is issued or renewed, whichever comes first.
How many credits can I earn online?
A maximum of six (6) coursework credits may be obtained by online instruction or other correspondence media.
What do I do if I attended a course and it is not showing on my online record?
If you have not turned in your certificate of attendance for the course, please forward that to the FWWA office with the appropriate conversion fees so that we may update your record. If you have sent in your certificate of attendance and the appropriate conversion fees, please contact the FWWA office so that we may further investigate any discrepancy.
Who handles new licenses?
Florida is broken up into 5 water management districts (WMD) depending on your location. If you are interested in becoming licensed, you can contact your water management district.
When can I start earning credits towards the next renewal cycle?
The DEP 62-531.330(3) rule states that " Water well contractor licenses shall be renewed only after the license holder has completed twelve approved coursework hours for CEC earned in the two-year period directly preceding the last day (July 31st) of the biennial renewal cycle. However, if a water well contractor has received his or her first license within 180 days before the end of the biennium renewal of licenses, the continuing education requirements shall be waived for the licensee's first renewal cycle. Completion of approved coursework hours can be converted one time to either CECs for contractor licensing or for contractor license point reduction, but not both."
I just realized that the deadline to earn CECs is July 31. If I don't earn 12 credits before the deadline, what happens to my license?
If a license is not renewed before July 31 of each odd year, the current license will automatically revert to an "inactive" status. If your license has been "inactive" for one year or less, you will need to submit your CECs and conversion fees to the FWWA and apply for renewal to the Water Management District. You will not have to retake the licensure exam; however, you will be assessed late fees by the Water Management District.
How much will it cost to renew my license?
The CEC conversion fee is paid to the Florida Water Well Administration. The conversion fee is $14 per credit hour, and the maximum amount that you will have to pay to convert your credits is $168. Your license renewal application fee is $50 and is paid to the Water Management District. After July 31 of each odd year, in addition to the normal license renewal fee, a late fee of $75 will need to be submitted with each application for renewal of a license which has been inactive for one year or less.
I don't speak or read English well. Is there coursework available in other languages?
Currently all coursework is in English. However, you may bring an interpreter with you when you take a course. Please discuss this with the coursework provider ahead of time, as interpreting a class or workshop does affect the way material is presented and the amount of time required for the presentation.
I was recently required to take an OSHA refresher course. Can it count towards my water well licensing CEC requirement?
Yes. However, remember that a maximum of 6 of your required 12 hours can be in the business/safety practices category so you can convert only 6 hours of what is typically an 8-hour refresher course.
I recently paid to attend a course that was approved for CEC credit, and also paid the conversion fee to obtain credit. Is any of this tax deductible?
IRS rules state that expenses for education and professional certification are a legitimate business expense. However, we recommend that you check with your tax preparation professional or accountant.
I took several courses recently. Do I need to write a separate check to accompany each Certificate of Attendance or can I pay the conversion fee with one check?
You certainly may pay the fee with one check. In fact, if several people from the same company take classes, one check can cover all the license holders' coursework conversion fees
I've heard about a class that I think would be a good one, but I don't see it posted on the web site, so I don't think it's one of your approved courses. What can be done to get it approved?
Have the course provider contact us and apply to have the coursework approved. If it is, you'll soon see it posted on the web site.
I accidentally paid to convert more than 12 hours (the minimum requirement) of CE coursework. Can I get a refund?
Yes. If you send in more than a total of $168 (12 x $14 per credit hour), we will refund the excess amount, either by check or with a credit memo.
I keep hearing about minimum requirements. I'm confused – could we go over this again?
To renew your water well contractor's license you must obtain a minimum of 12 hours of Continuing Education Credit. Of that 12, at least 6 must be in the rules/well construction practices category (you could get all 12 in this category). A maximum of 6 hours can be received in the business/safety practices category. Credit hours cannot be "banked" – the hours will expire upon license renewal or two years after the date of the coursework, whichever comes first.
Will online coursework be available at some point?
Yes, there are several options for obtaining online coursework. Go to the "Course Offerings" page of this web site for details. Effective August 8, 2019 you may obtain only six (6) CECs through online coursework.
I've completed my 12 hours. Now what?
Congratulations! Your 12 hours have been credited to you in a database that will be transmitted electronically to the Water Management District you are licensed out of. We have developed a Certificate of Completion, which we mail to all those who have completed their 12-hour requirement.
My wife handles the "business" end of my operation. Can she take the "Business/Safety" coursework for me?
No, all coursework that is to be converted into a CE credit must be obtained by the holder of the water well license.
Is there a charge for the classes?
That is at the discretion of the course provider. Some coursework is offered at no charge, while others charge a registration fee. The course providers' phone numbers are posted on the "Course Offerings" page of this web site – contact the course providers for details.
Why aren't you offering any courses in my area? I can't take off work to drive to Orlando or Tampa.
We are currently working with numerous approved course providers, including the five Water Management Districts, to offer courses in various locations throughout Florida, including locations in each of the five Districts. Contractors should call their local District office to inquire about coursework that they would like to see offered close to home.
How do I contact the Florida Water Well Contractors Continuing Education Program?
Florida Water Well Contractors Continuing Education Program
325 John Knox Rd #L103
Tallahassee, FL 32303
Phone: 844 – FLWWCEU (359-9238)
Fax: 850-222-3019

The 2021-2023 renewal cycle, which allows you to drill for 2023-2025, ends on July 31, 2023. If you do not renew your license and complete your CE credits prior to this date, your license will become INACTIVE. To renew your license, please submit your CE Certificate of Attendance forms and payment to our office and your license renewal application and fees to your respective Water Management District.

As a reminder, a minimum of six (6) hours must be in the rules/well construction category (R/R) and no more than six (6) hours may be in the business/safety practices category (S/B).

A maximum of 6 CE credits may be obtained through online/on-demand coursework.